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With around 13 000 inhabitants, the city of Davos is the highest city in Europe at 1560m above sea level and is located in the Swiss Canton of Grisons. The Territory of Davos – its official name – is with an area of 284 km2 the second largest community in Switzerland!

The neighboring village of Klosters lies about 1200m above sea level and presents itself as a small, idyllic mountain village of about 4000 inhabitants. His Royal Highness, Charles, Prince of Wales stays there sometimes.

As its name “BEST OF THE ALPS” suggests, Davos Klosters is a paradise for nature lovers, winter sport fans, literature fans, artists, scientists, researchers, conference members, etc... Vibrant life – whether in towns or in rural areas – peace and solitude in the side valleys, all of this in a pristine mountain landscape. Many guests from all over the world succumb to this fascination.

The healing power of Davos high altitude mountains with their above average number of sunny days has an invigorating effect on our immune system and is highly preventative. Positive effects include for example relief from skin problems, respiratory ailments, allergies and the prevention of osteoporosis.

From the city of Davos, you can take the “slowest express train in the world”, the Bernina Express and enjoy its unparalleled panoramic tours. Take the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Trail (2008) over the Bernina Pass, past a breathtaking world of glaciers or take the Glacier Express to Zermatt over the Oberalppass in the Valais.

Railway enthusiasts and travelers come from all over the world to experience the unique Swiss mountain scenery.

Join us on our travels and find out more!


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