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spachmann`s AHA-ERLEBNISSE 
Hiking - Guiding 
Doris Spachmann & Osmo Nuutinen 
Guggerbachstr. 1 
CH 7270 Davos Platz 
Telefon: +41 81 413 58 66
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About us

„Experience more, discover and enjoy“ - This is the philosophy we want to bring to our guests.

Our customer base consists of Tour Operators, Institutions and Companies, as well as customers from the private sector.

AHA-ERLEBNISSE make it possible for active retirees to enjoy their stay in the mountains to the full.

For the chronically sick, AHA-ERLEBNISSE can be considered a place of refuge.
We are skilled, thanks to our many years of experience, in handling clients who suffer from asthma, skin diseases and/or allergies.

We have an interesting and varied active programme:

  • Group tours for tour operators
  • Guided bus tours
  • Week-long guided thematic hikings
  • Guided hiking tours and day trips
  • Snowshoe, full moon and torchlight guided tours
  • Expert guided tours: history, museums
  • Excursions: medicinal and wild herbs
  • Exclusive vouchers: as presents, for anniversaries or other important occasions
  • Sport and Winter sport activities

We organize, manage and supervise:

    • We are safety-conscious during our guided-tours in town, in the countryside, from flat land to high mountains
    • We have a long educational experience
    • We are specialists in regional and local knowledge with regard to the natural, cultural, and historical areas.

    Our services will provide real value for every one of our guests.

    Our fully-trained hiking / tourist guides and sport teachers can boost your enthusiasm, motivate you and deal with any situation as necessary.

    It goes without saying that we are able to deal with any medical situation and that we can give first aid as necessary. Please consider also our Terms of Business.




Photo Gallery Winterevents 2016/2017

Enjoy the impressions of the winter event in our photo gallery Winterevents 2016-2017

Have fun with your AHA-ERLEBNISSE-TEAM


Photo Gallery 4. Davos Treff 2016

Please enjoy our Photo Gallery.....


4. Davos Treff 2016 with AHA-ERLEBNISSE-TEAM.


Photo Gallery Summerevents 2016

Enjoy the impressions (update) of the summer event in our photo gallery Summerevents 2016

Have fun with your AHA-ERLEBNISSE-TEAM


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